Power Cages

When discussing home racks, we’re referring to power racks, power cages, half racks, and squat racks in general.

What Is A Power Rack?

A power rack can also be called a squat or power cage because of its steel, cage-like design. They are built with four vertical posts that surround the lifter during their lifts. A power rack is used primarily for barbell workouts, such as squatting, benching, and other heavy barbell lifts. They can also be used for pull-ups, band work, suspension training, and more.
RitKeep Power Rack Collection

RitKeep Home Gym Racks

Get a full body workout with the RitKeep Cage Home Gym RMAX-3750. Effectively work lats using the multifunctional pulley system and lat bar for wide-grip lat pull-downs, behind-the-neck lat pull-downs, and reverse close-grip lat pull-downs.

If you are also looking to build muscle mass in order to sculpt your body, increase your strength, and improve your overall functionality?

Our RitKeep squat cages and home gym power racks are ideal for this purpose. Use the power rack for barbell exercises such as:

- Back squats

- Front squats

- Overhead presses

- Bench presses

These movements activate large chains of muscle and help you improve your form and stability as well. Take a look at our available barbells and weight plates to complete your gym rack.

Whether it’s leg or arm day, RitKeep Power Cages and Half Cage Racks offer numerous options to work everything from your deltoids to your quads.

What Are The Benefits Of A Power Rack?
Olympic power racks are a must-have for any strength training program. The Olympic power rack is a sturdy cage with a safety spotter arm on either side. This allows the lifter to safely lift heavier weights without risking injury.

A power rack allows you to move freely in the space. This requires you to stabilize the weights yourself, which makes your core muscles work more.
What Is A Power Rack Or Squat Cage Used For?
As the name implies, squat cages are crucial for getting the most out of your squats. Squats aren't the only thing you can do with them. Power racks provide full-body exercise. Other uses include bench presses and rack pulls.

They can also be used for overhead presses, rows, and curls. The RitKeep Fitness power racks are equipped with a pull-up bar, which allows for hanging ab exercises and pull-ups. The pull-up bar can be used to connect suspension training equipment, cables, and bands. RitKeep Fitness also offers a wide range of power rack accessories, including dip bars, machine attachments, and more.
What Is A Power Rack Or What's The Best Power Rack From Home Gym?
The best power rack will be the one that suits your needs and is within your space. Power racks are available in a range of sizes, ranging from 71 inches to 100 inches tall.
What's the difference between a power rack and a squat stand?
The power rack is considered the safest option for performing heavy lifts such as squats and bench presses. The squat stand is a basic setup but great when you only have limited space available.

A squat stands is not to be confused with a squat cage. It has only two vertical posts. The squat stand allows the lifter to freely move in and out of its platform. The squat stands are used for many of the same exercises as the power rack. However, the squat stands to have a limited weight capacity, safety guards, and attachments.
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