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Add a Smith machine to your home gym to make strength training safer and smoother. The machine offers exercises like squats, deadlifts, and overhead presses.

PMAX-5600 Smith Pro - Integrated Weight System

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PMAX-4750 Dual Plate Loaded Multi Functional Smith Machine

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Shop Smith Machine & Sculpt Your Ideal Body

Our smith Machine is a balanced counter system to hold the weight of the solid steel Olympic bar. Our counterbalanced method comprises pulleys, cables, guide rods, bushings, and counterweights configured within a steel frame and attached to the bar. Our purpose is keeping safety the top priority and working out smoother.
Ritkeep Smith Machine Collection

Smith Machine Accessories

In order to get the most out of your home Smith Machine, make sure you invest in the right accessories. That means you can purchase Olympic Weight Plates in order to perform weight training on smith machine home gym. Olympic barbell are also useful for popular exercises such as free weight chest press, free weight Squats, and more.

We recommend acquiring a variety of weights that will allow you to perform lightweight, medium weight, and heavyweight movements. It's always a good idea to have an extra pair of ten-pound or five-pound weights to add on when it comes time to try for a new personal record!

Ritkeep's offers home gym equipment to suit your fitness needs. Check out RitKeep's incredible line of high quality and reasonably priced Smith Machines and all of our other home gym products today!
What Are The Benefits of a Smith Machine?

Safety is the main advantage of owning a Smith Machine. The unique design stabilizes your motion, making it safer for you to use on your own (without a spotter). The lack of horizontal movements allows you to lift more weight without worrying about balance. This is especially useful for movements such as the bench press, or when you want to set a new record in your front or back squat.

A Ritkeep Smith Machine allows you to perform a variety of exercises, and it also helps build muscle mass. With a single piece and a few home gym accessories, you can have the same capabilities as a full-fledged gym at home.

A Smith Machine along with a Barbell and Weights will allow you to perform a complete strength-training workout. These workouts include front squats and back squats. Some of our Smith Machines come with a pullup, which allows you to perform pull-ups and even chin-ups. Use the pulley for lat pulldowns and triceps row exercises.

Ritkeep Smith machines are ideal for home gyms because they offer many features. There are options to suit every budget. Each machine has been designed with quality and attention to detail.

The RitKeep PMAX-4550 Multi Functional Smith Machine Training System (RK-SM004)
This is a compact three-piece system that delivers a full body workout. It has multiple safety features including a heavy-duty steel design, a durable powder-coated finish, and adjustable and Olympic safety stops. It combines the Smith Machine with a free-weight rack similar to a power rack and a cable-routed system. The PMAX-4550 Smith Machine combines the strength and safety provided by a smith machine with some of the bodyweight exercises performed on a power tower. You can safely perform body weight exercises and free weight exercises.
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