PMAX-5600 Smith Pro - Integrated Weight System

✔️ 6 IN 1 Gym Station
✔️ With 163 LB Weight Stack On Each Side
✔️ Feel the Burn Through 80+ Exercises
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PMAX-5600 Smith Pro - Integrated Weight System

Black & Red / Classic - $1,950.00
  • Black & Red / Classic - $1,950.00
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  • Black & Red / With Red Bench Combo - $2,225.00
  • Black / Classic - $1,950.00
  • Black / With Black Bench Combo - $2,225.00
  • Black / With Red Bench Combo - $2,225.00

PMAX-5600 Smith Pro - Integrated Weight System


The PMAX-5600 is the top of our Premium Series lineup, it combines SIX Strength Training Machines in ONE SINGLE MACHINE, including the Power Rack, Functional Trainer with Dual Pulleys, Smith Machine, Chin-up Station, Dip Station, and Low Row, making it the perfect for strengthening different muscle groups and executing comprehensive workouts without switching between equipment!

Made with a 16-gauge heavy-duty steel frame reinforced with a durable powder-coated finish, this machine utilizes sturdy aircraft cable with a tensile strength of 1000 lb, it allows for boundless potential to accelerate your training while remaining safe and protected.

  • Machine Weight – 653 lb (including Dual 163 lb Weight Stacks)
  • Maximum Weight User Weight – 350 lb
  • Maximum Capacity Smith Machine Bar – 440 lb
  • Please note: This item requires assembly.
  • Disclaimer: Weight plates are not included.
  • Cage Dimension: 59.57" D x 49.25" W x 86.06" H


  • The cable pulley, each with 163 lb pin-selection weight stack system, can be used both simultaneously and independently of each other.
  • The 2:1 pulley ratio in the pulley system can greatly lower the resistance of the weight stacks, essentially cutting the weight you lift by half, it makes your strength and muscle-building exercises more effective and less strenuous.
  • With 10 adjustable positions, it provides smooth motion, extended travel, and enhanced responsiveness, making it ideal for functional training.
  • During an arm workout utilizing supersets, you can effortlessly alternate between biceps and triceps exercises without a different handle being attached.
  • Smooth-rolling pulley with high-quality ball bearings, allowing you to do the exercises from lat pulldowns, rowing and single-arm cable rows, bicep curls, tricep pushdowns, cable flys, chest press, cable deadlifts, squats, etc.


  • With the vertical Smith System and the integrated Barbell, you can train all muscle groups without an additional free-weight Barbell.
  • Safer than free weights. If you reach muscle failure, you can secure the bar on one of the 10 safety silver pegs.
  • Allows for vertical movement only, and eliminates the need to recruit stabilizing muscles to keep the barbell balanced.
  • Perform specific exercises with greater accuracy and precision by adjusting the height of the integrated barbell.
  • Ideal choice for people who don’t have access to a spotter or want to work out alone.


  • J-Hooks: Provide safe and convenient storage of the barbell during training. Enables positioning at different heights to perform a variety of strength exercises.
  • Safety Spotter Arms: With rubberized surface to minimize the risk of injury or accident and catch the barbell if it falls. Serve as emergency support for the exercises.
  • Triceps Rope: Ideal for performing targeted triceps training and strengthening arm strength, like triceps pushdowns or overhead triceps extensions.
  • Lat Pulldown: The supplied Lat Pulldown bar allows you to train your upper back and shoulders effectively with different Lat Pulldown variations.
  • T-bar Row: The T-Bar Row attachment enables you to do various back exercises, like rowing or deadlifting, to build strength in your back muscles.
  • Single Handles: The single handles are versatile, suitable for a broad range of pulling and pushing exercises, allowing for an effective upper body workout.
  • Landmine: Provide an option for rotation exercises to develop strength and endurance in the leg, upper body, and core muscles.
  • Dip Station: Carrying out compound and upper body exercises such as push-ups, tricep dips, and more for strengthening triceps, chest and shoulder muscles by adjusting the height.
  • Pull-Up Bar: High-quality foam coating for a secure hold and extra grip, so your grip strength is not a limiting factor, effectively exercises your upper body using your weight.



Cable Pulley

Weight Stack 2 x 163 lb
Pulley Ratio 2:1
Pulleys Plastic
Cable 4-Layer Encased Stee
Cable Pulley Rotation 180°
Cable Head Rotationn 360°
Vertical Adjustment 10 Levels

Dimensions & Footprint

Height 86.06 inch
Machine Width 49.25 inch
Depth 59.57 inch
Total Weight 653 lb

Max Load Capacity

Frame 900 lb
Cable Pulley Mechanism 450 lb
J-Hooks 400 lb
Safety Spotter Arms 450 lb
Pull up Bar 450 lb
Dip Station 350 lb
Lat Pull Down Bar 300 lb
Straight Bar 300 lb
Landmine & T-bar 600 lb


Steel Type 16 Gauge Alloy Steel
Square Tube 50 mm x 50 mm
Metal Thickness 1.5 mm
Coating Powder Coated


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Material Warranty
Frames 2 Year Warranty

Pull-Down Bar, Dip Bar, Landmine, T-bar, Safety Arm, D-Shape Handle, J-Hooks

1 Year Warranty
Wheels, Cables 90 Day Warranty
Dumbbells 2 Year Warranty
Weight Plate 2 Year Warranty
Weight Bench 1 Year Warranty
RitKeep PMAX-5600 Smith Machine Trainer Pro

6-IN-1 Multi Funtional

RitKeep PMAX-5600 Smith Machine Trainer Pro

Dual Weight Stack System

Combination of Technology and Safety

Burn Your Muscles Through a Variety of Exercises

Target specific muscle groups with focused endurance exercises. Discover an extensive range of strength training options, offering over 80 different exercises.


PMAX-5600 is a versatile home gym machine that compact, durable and built to last.

Square Tube 50mm x 50mm
Machine Weight 653 lb
Machine Height 86.06 inch
Machine Width 49.25 inch
Machine Depth 59.57 inch
Adjustable Levels For Cable 10
Adjustable Levels For Smith 10
Cable Pulley Ratio 2:1
Upright Hole Size 1 inch
RitKeep PMAX-5600 Smith Machine Trainer Pro DimensionRitKeep PMAX-5600 Smith Machine Trainer Pro Dimension

Smith Machine Bar

Equipped with bearings for enhanced smoothness

Dual Pulley System

10 height options to target various muscle groups

4-Level D Handles

4-Level Ergonomic designed for enhanced grip and precision


Add versatility to rotational movements workouts wth T-bar

Dip Handles

Perfect for L-sits & Dips with two grip options

Safety Catches

Provide essential support & versatility for weightlifting

Weight Storage

Simplify weight storage with 4 convenient plate holders

Foot Pedals

Ensure stability like Seated Rows, Lat Pull-downs, etc
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PMAX-5600 FAQs

1. Does this machine needs to be bolted down to the ground?
No, PMAX-5600 does not need to be bolted to the ground. it is very stable.
2. What size of weight plates fit the PMAX-5600?
Only 2-inch weight plate can be used on the Smith bar.
3. Does this machine support doing squats with spotter arms?
Yes, you can squat with your own barbell using the J-Hooks and Spotter Arms outside of the rack or use the safety option built into the Smith Machine.
4. Can PMAX-5600 used for bench pressing as well?
Yes definitely. You can place the sidebars as high or as low as you need them to be for bench press.
5. Does the landmine go side to side or just up and down?
It goes both ways and can meet your landmine training.
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