The Best Smith Machines For Home Gym Fitness, Small Spaces and Values

Enter any commercial gym and you are sure to come across the Smith machine (named for Rudy Smith, the gym owner who revolutionized its design). This machine features a barbell attached to a metal frame via an upright fixed-track rail system which acts as an "outspotter." Pegs lock the bar into place if something gets stuck during bench press exercises so you can still exit safely from it when necessary.)

Sounds great, right? In theory. Sure.

Smith machines can be found both commercially and privately. This versatile piece of equipment can serve a multitude of functions, from creating whole-body workouts to acting as an assistant during solo lifts. Thanks to their convenient hooks, Smith machines allow users to rerack the bar at various points; making this piece especially handy on leg or chest day without an assistant!

The Best Smith Machines For Home Gym Fitness, Small Spaces and Values


There has been much innovation with regard to smith machines, so we conducted extensive testing and research ourselves to identify the top picks on the market for various purposes. Though not cheap compared to purchasing individual dumbbells or kettlebells separately, smith machines provide more options and control than free weights; making them great choices as part of an all-in-one package for barbell training at home gyms. Some even go beyond standard expectations to become true centerpieces in your workout space!

Best Smith Machines

● Best Smith Machine Overall: RITKEEP PMAX-5600
● Best Smith Machine for Smaller Spaces: RITKEEP PMAX-4550
● Best Smith Machine for the Money: RITKEEP PMAX-3550

Best Smith Machine Overall

Imagine this: when you think of a Smith machine, what comes to mind may be an oversized rack with a barbell that moves up and down along various tracks, with spots for self-spotting at different points and not much else. While you can still find such machines today - like RitKeep PMAX-5600 for instance - many modern versions offer superior features and options which make them even better value than traditional products.


The RitKeep PMAX-5600 smith machine is more than a smith machine; it’s an entire home gym solution — and that’s why we like it so much. With adjustable cable ratios that enable multiple users to lift weight suitable for them without altering weight levels, 30 adjustment points on its half-rack and part of smith machine's half rack for mounting jammer arms, leg press plate attachments or monolift attachments are just some of its many appealing qualities.

The Best Smith Machines For Home Gym Fitness, Small Spaces and Values

This one piece of equipment has the versatility to replace multiple forms of equipment: power rack, functional trainer, smith machine, low rower, lat pulldowner, leg press and dip station are just a few options available to you. A pinnacle of precision engineering and impeccable design in home gym equipment, boasting dual independent weight stacks for smooth exercise transitions, a maximum weight capacity of 326 lbs catering to all fitness levels, and user-friendly weight increments of 12.5 lbs, designed to foster a customized, uninterrupted workout experience right in the comfort of your home. The Extra 770-pound rating of weight plate capacity is likely more than enough for most people so you can max out with confidence. The reinforced bushings and linear bearings offer smooth and natural movement, so you don’t feel like you’re lifting air at certain points of an exercise.

Who Should Buy the RITKEEP PMAX-5600

PMAX-5600 Smith Machine Trainer Pro $1950
PMAX-5600 Smith Machine Trainer With Bench Combo $2225
The Best Smith Machines For Home Gym Fitness, Small Spaces and Values
RitKeep Smith Machine
  • Anyone looking for a All in one smith machine who already has all the other pieces of their gym and is just looking to add a smith machine’s safety and functionality.
  • Folks who are on a tight budget and looking for a self-spotting machine only. This product isn’t cheap and if you don’t need or want the versatility of it, there are less expensive options.

it seems like RitKeep tried to replace every piece of gym equipment with an all-in-one machine, and in our opinion, they succeeded. Offering an impressive variety of attachments and high quality engineering, this smith machine can certainly stand up against its competition and makes for an excellent purchase for anyone with sufficient funds available for purchase.

Best Smith Machine for Smaller Spaces

As you look around at smith machines on the market, you’ll probably find out pretty early on that none of them are what we would call “compact”. While some might choose a folding squat rack in small spaces, other options exist that might better meet those conditions; we personally favor the RITKEEP PMAX-4550 as our go-to option when space is at a limited.

RitKeep PMAX-4550 Trainer

Only Four Packages In Total. The PAMX-4550 is an outstanding piece of equipment, offering many of the same capabilities as the larger PMAX 5560 but in a smaller footprint and at an extremely competitive price point. When your exercises run dry, simply contact us. What’s great about the PMAX-4550 is that it’s designed to take up a smaller footprint and is a decent amount cheaper, too.

The Best Smith Machines For Home Gym Fitness, Small Spaces and Values

RitKeep Fitness stands behind 2 Years structural warranty so you can rest easy knowing quality is not compromised with this smaller package. The PMAX-4550 comes equipped with an impressive weight rating of 770 pounds for the smith machine alone; additional attachments like lat pulldown bars, nylon handles, pull-down ropes and other high-grade attachments make up over 8 attachments in total before add-ons come into play!

Who Should Buy the PMAX-4550 Trainer

  • Customers who have limited space in which to train and want to make the most of it.
  • Athletes looking for equipment with lots of expansion additions.
  • Buyers looking for something with an outstanding warranty and solid build.
PMAX-4550 Red & Black Multi Functional Smith Machine
PMAX-4550 Black Multi Functional Smith Machine
The Best Smith Machines For Home Gym Fitness, Small Spaces and Values
The Best Smith Machines For Home Gym Fitness, Small Spaces and Values

Who Shouldn’t Buy the PMAX-4550 Trainer

  • Consumers who prefer to spend a little more and get a top-of-the-range model.
  • Lifters for whom space isn’t an issue can consider larger models with more attachments.
  • Trainees who prefer to stick with a more basic squat rack or pressing machine.

The PMAX-4550 Smith Machine may be smaller than some of its peers on this list, but its compact size doesn't take anything away from its impressive power. If space is an issue, don't look further - this machine offers incredible results for limited areas.

Best Smith Machine for the Money

Smith machines can be costly (even for basic models), so when spending such an investment it should work perfectly and stand up to repeated use. That doesn't have to break the bank. If you’ve ever worked out at a commercial or large gym, you’ve no doubt seen and used something similar to our pick for this category - The Titan Fitness Smith Machine. However, Titan is too expensive. For Home gym Equipment, you don't need to spend money on brand effects. So we recommend RitKeep PMAX-3550.

RitKeep PMAX-3550 Smith Machine

The Best Smith Machines For Home Gym Fitness, Small Spaces and Values

The Smith Machine combines a free-weight half-cage and smith press system into one machine. It also offers exceptional quality and design with a great variety of workout options.

  • 50mm x 50mm commercial steel with the 1.5mm thickness frame.
  • With 10 different height levels to choose from.
  • High tensile 2204lbs (1000 kg) rated cables.
  • Adjustable dual cable pulleys with swivel cable tracking.
  • Available to perform several workouts like Bench Press and squats, without a spotter.
  • Comes with Standard Olympic Aluminum bar (starting weight 28lbs).

Who Should Buy the PMAX-3550 Smith Machine

  • Buyers who are looking for a smith machine that offers solid protection — with the flick of your wrist, you can lock the bar into place on one of the safety spotters.
  • Lifters looking for a straightforward smith machine that won’t break the bank. This machine is exactly what comes to mind when we think of a smith machine, and though the band pegs and plate storage is nice, this really is just a solid smith machine.
  • Gymgoers in search of an adjustable Smith machine that offers plenty of weight plate storage will find ample options available here.
PMAX-3550 Multi Functional Home Gym Smith Training Machine
3-In-1 Plyo High Density Foam Jumping Box
The Best Smith Machines For Home Gym Fitness, Small Spaces and Values
The Best Smith Machines For Home Gym Fitness, Small Spaces and Values

Benefits of Smith Machines

Smith machines may get a bad rap within the strength sports community, but they should be seen as another tool to help you develop as an athlete. A major benefit of smith machines compared to free-weight power racks is their increased safety; with weight plates secured on tracks by self-spotting hooks positioned along a track on a machine bar you can lift comfortably without fearing for your life if a rep goes awry or you struggle.

Another big benefit of smith machines is that they’re very useful for people who have stability issues, such as proprioceptive problems, or are coming back from an injury that they need to be careful of re-injuring. Because their bar is attached to a machine on tracks and cannot move out of its preset range of motion - making smith machines are an excellent way for those new to lifting weights to gradually learn a movement pattern without risk of injury recurrence - and those looking to start barbell training but lack strength necessary for free weight barbells to start barbell training sessions.

The Best Smith Machines For Home Gym Fitness, Small Spaces and Values

How We Chose the Best Smith Machines

A smith machine is usually quite an investment, and because of that, we took great care in choosing the picks that made it onto this list. At first glance, we were most concerned with the build-quality, attachments available, weight capacity, and safety features. Price was a major consideration, although most smith machines are not cheap. Even budget models cost around $1,000.


Smith machines are versatile, but some companies go further and use them as the basis for a complete home gym solution. Some machines, like the RitKeep PMAX-5600, come with attachments such as a lat-pulldown and functional trainer. Some companies keep it simple and focus on what a smith-machine is used for. For example, the RitKeep Fitness Smith Machine only adds plates storage posts, bands pegs, to keep prices low.

There’s no shortage of attachments that you can get for a smith machine and exercises you can perform, especially if you’re creative, but some brands do offer attachment packages and upgrade kits so you can do nearly anything you want with the smith machine as the centerpiece of your home gym.

Build Quality

Quality is very important when it comes Home Gym Equipment. It's even more crucial when it comes a piece of equipment that you will rely on to help you in an emergency. Some smithing machines are made from thick, rolled metal uprights. They're very sturdy and durable. They can take a great deal of abuse and are built to last. Some are cheaper but use less durable materials in their manufacturing. We considered this when selecting these picks.

Build quality can also affect the life of your machine. Products with high-quality constructions will usually have longer warranties, but they are also more expensive. RitKeep PMAX-5600, for example, offers a two year structural warranty. This means that we are confident in the quality of their product and expects it to last a long time. These warranties are often found on gym equipment, and they cover failures that result from defects in the workmanship or manufacturing.

Weight Capacity

When it comes to squat machines and smith machines, safety and weight capacity go hand in hand. When we discuss our picks, we always mention the weight capacity of each machine. A product may check all the boxes you're looking for, but if it can't handle the weight you're going to use it to lift, then it will be unsafe to use.

These machines can typically handle a fair amount of weight because of their size and mass. Smith Machines follows at 770lbs. If you lift that much weight you'll probably need a spotter team, just like at a Powerlifting Meet.

Safety Features

Safety is one of the main reasons people buy smith machines. Instead of dropping the bar on yourself or bailing on a bar when you reach a point that they might fail the rep while self-spotting, turn your wrists and hook the safetyties that are attached to the bar on the rack. Most smith machines safety spotter systems have hooks that catch the bar. Some even feature counterweights to help with lifts.

Many machines also have safety stops that prevent the bar from moving below certain points. This means even if the bar is dropped, it will stop and not cause more damage. These safety stops are evident in the Ritkeep Smith Machine, which is modeled after an older type of smith machine.

How Much Do Smith Machines Cost?

Let’s address the elephant in the room — smith machines are expensive and likely one of the most expensive pieces of gym equipment people will purchase. That said, there are some ways to make them more affordable. Many companies and lots of options on this list offer financing options to help break up the payments over a longer period of time. Instead of paying a few thousand dollars upfront, you can pay somewhere around $200 to $300 per bi-week for a period of time — usually, 6 weeks, depending on credit.

Best Smith Machine Overall


$1950 with accessories and add-ons

Best Smith Machine for Smaller Spaces


$1099 with accessories and add-ons

Best Smith Machine for the Money


$1025 with accessories and add-ons

Smith machines can cost as little as $1,100, for a basic model, and go up to $3000. However, there are also more expensive models. You can expect to pay more for a smith machine that has a cable pulley system and a built-in rack. The smith machines in this list range between $1000 and $3,500, with a variety different features.

What to Consider Before Buying a Smith Machine

A smith machine doesn't come cheap. The machines are large, heavy and require many steps to assemble. We think you should consider these things before you spend a lot of money.

Your Budget

You can easily spend five times as much on Smith machines. This is a big chunk of money, and for most people it will be a deciding factor in their decision. You could buy a barbell or weight plates for that amount of money. Make sure you understand what you are buying and that you are committed to the purchase.


Some smith machines come with only the bar, track and rack while others have all sorts of bells and whistles. Some of the machines on this list come with pullys and attachments for dipping bars. They also have half power racks.

Available Training Space

The size and weight of a smith machine are its main drawbacks. It's important to have a large enough space for a smith machine. There are smaller and larger options, but there is a limit. You can measure your space and determine which machines will fit. You should also allow for some breathing room and the bar width to ensure that you are not hindered when is getting your pump on.


You'll want to ensure that the smith machine is durable, as it will be a significant investment. All the models on this page are made of steel, so you can be sure that they will last a long time.


Some people enjoy buying things that require assembly. Others find it to be one of the most exquisite forms of torture. All of these machines require some sort of assembly, though some are more complicated than others. The easier the machine is to understand, the more you will be able to do.


It's nice to have warranty protection for expensive equipment in case something goes wrong. Warranty coverage and length are different for all products. Choose one you feel comfortable with, and start training.


These machines are not going to make you stare at them for hours. Some machines have added extra functionality or made it easier to use. Look for machines that do one or more things, rather than sticking with the minimum.

Final Word

There are athletes who say that workout equipments should be thrown away as soon as possible. In our opinion, the smith machines are just another tool to add to your design toolbox. When programmed correctly, they can be extremely valuable and should not be ignored. Just as we wouldn't overlook foam-rolling or cardiovascular training just because someone said so on the internet. Research the smith machines (or other equipment) that you are interested in, and make a purchase based on your research.


Why choose a smithing machine over a power rack?

Many people choose smith machines because of the greater versatility they offer over a power rack. Today, smith machines offer more than just the smith machine. Many come with cable pulleys and functional trainers. With just one piece of equipment, you can save space and replace many pieces. Some people prefer a smithing machine because they lift themselves. They don't need spotters, so the self-spotting hooks of a machine are a great option.

What is the best smith machine?

Your budget, your needs and the space available will all influence which smith machine is best for you. Our favorite smith machine is currently the RitKeep PMAX-5600. The PMAX-5600 is a versatile machine with an integrated power rack and cable systems. It also has a large weight capacity of 770 pounds. RitKeep offers financing based on credit.

What is the cost of smith machines?

Prices of smith machines begin at around $1100, and then only increase from there up to $3500 or even more depending on what accessories and add-ons you choose. Many companies selling smith machines offer financing, which can help to soften the cost depending on your creditworthiness.

Are smith machines safe for everyone to use?

Like any machine, smith machines are only as good and reliable as the person who uses them. A smith machine is safe to use for anyone who can lift safely. Due to their safety features, such as the bar on a track and counterweights to keep it from falling to the floor, smith machines are considered to be safer than power racks.

Can I use a smith machine alone?

If you are in trouble, we recommend that you lift with a friend. However, if you decide to lift alone, you should consider a smith-machine. It has self-spotting, easy to use hooks.Many people choose smith machines because of the greater versatility they offer over a power rack. Today, smith machines offer more than just the smith machine. Many come with cable pulleys and functional trainers. With just one piece of equipment, you can save space and replace many pieces. Some people prefer a smith machine because they lift themselves. They don't need spotters, so the self-spotting hooks of a exercise equipment are a great option.


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