Harnessing the Power of Creatine and BCAA for Optimal Fitness and Beyond

When we talk about our health, our bodies need all the dietary fibers, essential for better muscle growth and body functions. Protein is an essential need of our body that helps in muscle growth and makes us strong; to do our daily workouts efficiently. Therefore, they are essential needs of our bodies to gain a good health state. You can meet your body's protein needs from natural resources and food supplements. This article will discuss the two most essential substances, Creatine, and BCAA, that meet our protein needs.

What is Creatine?

What is Creatine?

Creatine is a naturally occurring substance found in the liver, kidneys, pancreas, and other body muscles to make our body muscles strong and flexible. Creatine is the central part of our skeletal muscles to develop and strengthen them. In addition, they provide energy to our body muscles during exercises and other workouts. Most of our body parts have Creatine, an amino acid, a building block of natural protein. Creatine makes our body muscles stronger and helps in growth because they are the source of energy, called ATP.

Natural Foods Containing Creatine

Our body needs about 3 to 4 grams of Creatine per day that comes from our diets. Our body also synthesis proteins naturally, but it gets Creatine from foods that we eat daily. You can get a healthy amount of Creatine from red meat and fish which are rich sources of Creatine. Here are some natural food resources that you can add to your diet to get Creatine;


Food items

Creatine amount in 100 grams of the food



0.9 grams


Chicken Breast

0.4 grams



0.02 grams


Rabbit Meat

0.4 grams


Ox Heart

0.3 grams



0.1 grams



0.2 grams


Blood sausage

0.6 grams



0.9 grams


Cattle Heart

0.3 grams

Health Benefits of Creatine

Creatines are compound molecules of amino acids, that synthesize protein and help in muscle growth. They provide a lot of health benefits to our body, and also energy called ATP. Here we will look at some health benefits of Creatine.

1. Boosts your energy level

Creatine is the primary building block of proteins and provides our body with the primary source of energy; ATP molecules. These energy molecules fast our workout performance and make our body muscles stronger. These body molecules provide most of the energy to your body cells to carry out their functions. More Creatine in your body cells provides more ATP molecules to your body cells and improves their performance.

2. Increase your muscles growth 

Creatine supplements are best for the growth of your muscles because they add body fat to your body muscles and make them healthy. In addition, it decreases the chances of bone fractures and muscle fatigue during exercises and your routine work.

3. Enhance your memory function 

Creatine improves your brain function and boosts your memory level increasing your brainpower. As a result, it reduces the risks of neurological diseases that may harm your brain cells and cause mental issues that may weaken your memory.

Creatine supplements increase the phosphocreatine in your brain cells which helps to maintain your memory functions.

4. Fights against diabetes

Creatine supplements are good for diabetic patients because they control blood sugar levels in your body which lowers the risks of diabetes. Creatine increases the glucose transporter in your muscle level which controls the sugar level in your body.

5. Safe to use:

Creatines are the safe and cheapest supplements; you can use to meet your needs for proteins, and they keep your body and muscles healthy. You can easily add this supplement to your diet and can also get it from natural food sources. This food supplement is cheap and safe to use in your daily routine.

What is BCAA?

BCAA is branched-chain amino acids that your muscles break down to get energy directly. They are fast amino acid supplements as compared to Creatine because they do not require pre-digestion. BCCA provides energy fuel to your body cells through a reaction; glucogenesis burns BCAA for energy. BCAA is a fast-fuel energy molecule that provides instant energy to your body cells during intense workouts. They also enhance the synthesis of proteins in your body to make your lean muscles healthy.

Foods high in BCAA

BCAA is a protein supplement that increases your muscle's growth and adds mass to them. You can get BCAA from protein sources present in many foods; fresh meat, fish, milk, eggs, and yogurt. Here are some food items that are fast sources of BCAA.

  • Milk
  • Yogurt
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Brown Rice
  • Whole wheat
  • Cashew Nuts
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Eggs
  • Soy Proteins
  • Fish

Benefits of BCAA:

BCAAs are the best amino acids that do not need to predigest and boost your muscle energy during intense workouts. This protein supplement provides you with many health benefits;

1. Reduces the Chances of Exercise Fatigue

BCAA are fast amino acids that provide energy to your muscles fast during intense exercise and workout. Hence, it decreases the chances of muscle fatigue during exercises. Your body muscles need BCAA during exercise to increase your exercise performance.

2. Increase the function of the Immune system

Increase the function of the Immune system

According to research, BCAAs increase the ability of your immune cells, which enhances the performance of your immune system. A strong immune system helps you recover from disease fast and repair the damaged body cells. 

3. Prevents Muscles Wasting

Proteins are the primary source of energy that makes your muscles strong and healthy. During an exercise, proteins in body muscles are continually broken and synthesized. The ratio of protein breakdown and synthesis makes your muscles perform better and makes them stronger. BCCA is the best amino acid that provides proteins fast to your muscles to prevent muscle wasting and exercise fatigue.

4. Promotes Weight Loss

BCAAs are chains of amino acids, building blocks of natural proteins, that make your body's muscles massive and stronger. More mass in your body muscles requires more energy and a fast metabolic reaction in your body that promotes weight loss. The rate of calorie burns becomes fast when you have more body mass in your muscles which promotes weight loss.

BCAA VS Creatine

BCAA: Creatine:


· BCAAs are predigested amino acids that your muscles can absorb directly; when they need energy during intensive workouts.

· BCAA improves your immune system and makes your body cells recover in case of injury.

· BCAAs decrease the chances of liver diseases because they help in the regeneration of liver cells.

· BCAAs add body mass to your muscles and reduce the chances of muscle fatigue.

· BCAAs are not available easily as Creatines because these food supplements you can use with medical precaution.

· Creatines are also chains of amino acids that your muscles store as ATP molecules and break down these molecules when they need.

· Creatine synthesis proteins and make your body's muscles strong to work efficiently.

· Creatine reduces the chances of diabetes because it maintains blood sugar levels in your body.

· Creatine increases the protein synthesis in your body muscles and makes them strong.

· Creatine is a cheap and easy source of proteins, and they are also safe to use.


BCAAs and Creatines are chains of amino acids, building blocks of natural proteins, and help in muscle growth. Both supplements are helpful to make your body muscle strong and healthy, and build endurance. In addition, they reduce the chance of muscle fatigue, improve your memory function, boost your energy levels during exercises, and improve your immune system. You can get these protein supplements from natural resources; meat, chicken, milk, eggs, and brown rice.

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