PMAX-4550 Smith Machine Review


The PMAX-4550 is a versatile and cost-effective power rack designed to be the focal point of your home gym setup. Read on for a trainer's review.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, the advantages of owning a high-quality Smith Machine are evident. For those less familiar with this equipment, a Multi-Functional Smith Machine serves as a comprehensive solution for your exercise requirements. It typically features a sturdy four-sided steel frame with a Smith System for strength training, along with a pull-up bar, adjustable safety bars, and J-hooks for barbell support at various heights. This Smith System facilitates a wide range of exercises with heavy weights, all while minimizing the risk of injury in a secure training environment. With the rising popularity of home workouts, a functional trainer has become an indispensable addition to maximize the utility of a home gym in 2023.

In this review, we'll assess the PMAX-4550 Smith Machine, an affordable yet high-quality system designed to be the focal point of your home gym. Available in various colors and adaptable to your specific needs, RitKeep offers an array of accessories and upgrades. Throughout this article, we'll delve into our likes and dislikes about the PMAX-4550, evaluate its quality and durability, examine customer feedback, and compare it to competitors in the market.

RitKeep PMAX-4550 At A Glance

What we like about the PMAX-4550

  • Budget-friendly pricing ($989 to $1125) with financing available, including all attachments and add-ones
  • Free shipping
  • High-quality two-inch by three-inch 16-gauge steel construction
  • 1,650 pounds of rackable weight capacity
  • Hole Spacing (3.5" spacing between holes in the bench area)
  • Multiple color options (black, Red) available to suit your specific gym needs
  • Numerous attachments are available for purchase to customize your machine

What we don’t like about the PMAX-4550

  • Imported materials
  • Consumer feedback has highlighted cases where the quality of shipping was substandard, leading to instances where the package arrived with damage.
  • RitKeep doesn’t provide the service you need for assembly
  • The powder-coated finish may chip or scratch over time with heavy use


  • System Height: 83.5"
  • System Length: 62.2"
  • System Width: 50.4"


The PMAX-4550 Smith Machine is assembled using bolt hardware and will need a wrench for the assembly process. Although it's feasible to assemble it on your own, we recommend having assistance to make the process smoother. It's advisable to leave the final tightening of screws and bolts until the end of the setup, especially if the surface is not entirely level. This approach helps ensure the rack settles properly, even on uneven ground.

What’s Included

  • Four heavy-duty two-inch by three-inch 16-gauge steel uprights
  • Four two-inch by three-inch 16-gauge steel crossbars
  • Smith Bar
  • Multi Grip Pull-Up Bar
  • Two Safety Bar
  • Two Multi Grip Dip Bar
  • Two Pulley System for each upright and Weight Frame for back side
  • Cable Attachments like D Handles, Short Bar and Lat Pulldown Bar
  • Assembly hardware, bolts and screws

What Is the PMAX-4550 Smith Machine

The PMAX-4550 is a Smith Machine that provides users with a sturdy, stable, and durable platform to perform a wide range of exercises including squats, bench presses, shoulder presses, deadlifts, pull-ups, dips, and more. RitKeep PMAX-4550 base rack includes the heavy-duty 16-gauge steel cage and a standard pull-up bar with a multi-grip gesture. It also features a 1,650-pound weight capacity, making it suitable for both beginner and advanced weight lifters.

Benefits of the PMAX-4550

There are many benefits to owning a Smith Machine for your home gym, including convenience, safety, versatility, and customization. Having a smith system, a power rack, a barbell, and some weights at home means that you no longer nee d a gym membership to work out effectively, saving you both time and money in the long run. This system also provides a stable and safe environment when performing heavy lifts such as the squat and bench press, as they have adjustable J-cups and safety arms that can catch the barbell in the case of a failed rep. The steel uprights of a rack also include drilled holes that not only support the J-cups and safety arms but also a variety of different attachments that increase the functionality of your rack and the number of exercises you can perform.

How Much Does the PMAX-4550 Cost

The PMAX-4550 Smith Machine will cost you somewhere between $989 and $1899, depending on the Combo you chose, as well as the decision to include optional weight plates. Here is a list of the different options and associated price ranging from cheapest to most expensive.

  • PMAX-4550 Smith Machine (Black, Red) — $989 Check Price
  • PMAX-4550 Smith Machine (Black, Red) WIth Weight Bench — $1239 Check Price
  • PMAX-4550 Smith Machine (Black, Red) WIth Weight Bench, 230LB Weight Plate— $1649 Check Price
  • PMAX-4550 Smith Machine (Black, Red) WIth Weight Bench, 340LB Weight Plate— $1849 Check Price
PMAX-4550 Red & Black Multi Functional Smith Machine
PMAX-4550 Black Multi Functional Smith Machine

Working Out With the PMAX-4550

At its core, the PMAX-4550 Smith Machine serves as a versatile and stable rack equipped with pull-up stations. It goes beyond this, functioning as a trusted spotter and stabilizer for a wide array of exercises. From lunges and squats to shoulder presses and even deadlifts, the Smith system provides support and security.

Furthermore, when coupled with the Crossover Cable Machine, this system produces remarkable results for the upper body. It engages the arms and shoulders while simultaneously fortifying core stabilizers.

Thanks to the adjustable J-hooks, you can tailor your workout to your preferred height, making exercises like the bench press and shoulder press a seamless part of your routine. On top of that, RitKeep Fitness offers various attachments that come with your system, expanding the range of exercises you can perform with your rack. Among the popular accessories are the rack-mounted landmine, adjustable spotter arms, and dip bars.

What Customers Say About PMAX-4550

The PMAX-4550 Smith Machine boasts an impressive track record on the Titan Fitness website, with over 50 customer reviews contributing to a stellar 4.9/5-star rating. The majority of these reviews express sheer satisfaction, particularly highlighting the ease of assembly and the overall product quality. While a small fraction of customers have noted that the assembly instructions could be more straightforward and that it may take some time to complete the assembly, they are nonetheless delighted with the end result.

In one customer's words, "This rack is an excellent value – it's well-constructed and rock-solid." The most notable concern expressed by some customers is the condition in which their package arrived, with reports of damage. However, it's worth noting that such issues appear to be more prevalent in older reviews, as RitKeep has made improvements to its packaging to reduce this problem.

Warranty and Customer Service

RitKeep provides a one-year limited warranty for the PMAX-4550, which is a standard warranty that addresses any issues related to rack defects or failures during normal usage. Although a one-year warranty is beneficial, it's worth noting that many of its competitors offer a lifetime warranty for their power racks. In terms of customer service, according to numerous reviews, RitKeep has earned a reputation for exceptional service, promptly resolving any issues that customers may encounter.

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