RitKeep PMAX-4550 All-In-One Smith Machine Trainer


Working out with a Smith Machine is a highly effective strategy for enhancing strength and muscle development. Although it doesn't guarantee the complete prevention of exercise-related injuries, it significantly contributes to a safer and more stable weight training experience.

In this article, we will acquaint you with one of RitKeep's timeless gems, the PMAX-4550 Smith machine, by highlighting its versatility and remarkable compatibility with various accessories. Furthermore, we've included pricing details and captivating customer reviews to leave a lasting impression. Delve into the affordability and value of our Smith machines, assisting you in the realization of your dream home gym.

What is a Smith Machine

A Smith machine is a weight machine commonly found in gyms and fitness centers. It features a vertical barbell attached to upright poles, with horizontal rails for the barbell to move along. The machine is equipped with a safety system, like adjustable locking pins, which can be set at various heights to offer stability during specific exercises.

The primary purpose of a Smith machine is to create a secure and controlled environment for performing exercises like squats, bench presses, and rows. The vertical poles and rails ensure a consistent path for the barbell, reducing the risk of injury compared to using free weights. Additionally, the safety mechanism can assist users in supporting the barbell weight when necessary, making it a valuable tool suitable for both newcomers and experienced weightlifters.

Why Buy Smith Machine

To safely enhance your muscle size and strength, consider incorporating a Smith machine into your workout routine is a great option. This versatile tool offers several advantages over free-weight training and other resistance machines like lat pulldown, leg press, or shoulder press machines. However, it's essential not to exclusively rely on the Smith machine for your training. Instead, maintain a well-rounded and diversified workout regimen. Incorporate various gym equipment and machines to ensure a comprehensive full-body workout that targets all muscle groups.

Reason#1: Provides stabilized weight

Several Smith machines come with a self-balancing barbell, thanks to the inclusion of guide rods. This eliminates the need to focus on barbell balance, allowing you to concentrate solely on lifting the weight. The bar moves seamlessly along a fixed vertical path, ensuring it remains stable without swaying or tilting in any direction.

Reason#2: Developing Muscle Mass Step by Step

Whether you're new to weightlifting or an experienced lifter, this gym machine is invaluable for promoting the gradual growth of muscle tissue while minimizing the risk of injuries. Moreover, it's an excellent tool for mastering proper weightlifting techniques, ensuring you perform squats, presses, and lunges with precision. The Smith machine allows you to target essential muscles in both the upper and lower body, all within a stable vertical range of motion that prevents any unintended backward or forward movements.

Reason#3: Ensuring Correct Posture

With a secured barbell that doesn't require engaging stabilizing muscles for lifting, you can concentrate on refining your technique and maintaining a straight, slightly inclined back. This allows you to consistently control your posture throughout each repetition and maintain proper form across various ranges of motion. This, in turn, promotes a more natural range of movement and minimizes the risk of injury.

Reason#4: Enhanced Safety Guarantee

The Smith machine comes with a series of adjustable hooks/pegs, positioned at various heights. These hooks serve as a secure resting point for the barbell in case an individual finds it challenging to complete a lift and wishes to discontinue the exercise. This feature is especially valuable for individuals who train independently or prefer not to have a spotter assess their technique. It also encourages users to test their limits, increase their strength, and eliminate the need to re-rack heavy weights.

How To Pick a Smith Machine

Space Requirement

When selecting a Smith machine, the most important consideration is the space it requires. The Smith Machine is typically large and substantial, so it's vital to confirm that you have sufficient room for it. Evaluate the dimensions of the Smith machine you're considering, both when it's in its storage position and when it's fully assembled. Make certain you have enough space not only for the machine itself but also for comfortable maneuvering around it.

Essential Features

Numerous Smith Machine models come with versatile features, such as power rack stations, and a variety of attachments like low rows, pull-up bars, dips, and suspension trainers. These comprehensive options transform the machine into an all-in-one fitness solution, ideal for targeting various muscle groups. In light of these capabilities, it seems that there's no longer a compelling need to enroll in a gym.

Linear Bearing

Most Smith machines are designed with a vertical motion path, and this makes linear bearings a critical component. These bearings play a crucial role in preventing any unwanted vibration or sticking of the steel bar when lifting weights. Typically, you'll find linear bearing sleeves on both sides of the machine, which are connected to the bar. This setup significantly contributes to the seamless movement of the bar, enabling athletes to handle heavier weights more effectively.

Safety Mechanism

The Smith machine is an excellent choice for beginners embarking on weight training. It offers a valuable safety feature by allowing novice athletes to secure the barbell at any point during their sets. This safety mechanism can take various forms, such as locking pins that prevent the bar from descending beyond a set depth, spring clamps to keep weight plates secure, catch rods affixed inside the frame to halt your lifts when needed, and hooks and bar catches. These attachments play a crucial role in preventing injuries and instilling confidence in athletes when working with heavier weights.

Determine your Budget

Take a moment to think about your budget. Smith machines are available at various price points, so it's crucial to set a budget before you decide to buy. Although it might be tempting to choose a more affordable machine, sacrificing quality and safety features may not be a wise decision in the grand scheme of things. Instead, seek out the Smith machine that offers the best value within your budget and consider it as a long-term investment in your fitness equipment.

Best Smith Machine For Money & Function

The Ritkeep Smith Cage Home Gym System – PMAX-4550 is an all-in-one home gym cage. This sturdy Smith Home Gym has an incredible amount of features suited for beginners and advanced users alike. The PMAX-4550 is an all-in-one Smith cage because it offers a ton of features, some only found in club gyms, such as a Smith Machine and cable crossovers. In addition, the multi-grip pull-up bar and detachable dip bars deliver body-weight workouts without the need for a separate power tower.

PMAX-4550 Key Features

Feature#1: Smith System

Lifting with a Smith machine boosts stability and safety, especially during solo workouts. Smith machines can help you work a wide range of muscles and perform a variety of moves.

Feature#2: Chin Up Station

Utilizing a counterweight system, this method assists you in executing a pull-up, facilitating the development of your strength. The narrow neutral grip employed during the assisted pull-up effectively reinforces and tones the muscles in your back and core region, spanning from your underarm to your hip bone. Additionally, it effectively targets those challenging-to-reach areas under the arms and along the back, enhancing their definition and strength.

Feature#3: Corssover Machine

Cable crossovers offer a unique blend of functional and weight training in a single, robust machine. They are built with a solid steel frame and feature a weight frame on the backside. The core of their design lies in the flexible cables that can be adjusted to pull in various directions, enhancing the versatility of your workout.

Feature#4: Landmine Station

A landmine is a simple yet versatile fitness tool consisting of a short tube with one end of an Olympic bar securely mounted to a base or swivel joint, offering full 360-degree freedom of movement. Despite its unassuming appearance, this ingenious device expands your exercise possibilities beyond what a barbell alone can achieve. It empowers you to perform a wide range of essential athletic movements, encompassing pressing, pulling, squatting, lunging, and rotational exercises that are fundamental to fitness and strength training.

PMAX-4550 Cons

  • The bar remains consistently on its intended vertical track.
  • Some users might perceive the fixed bar path as uncomfortable.
  • Certain exercises cannot be executed safely, limiting its versatility compared to a power rack.
  • Detaching the barbell can be challenging.
  • The steel pipe used here is thinner compared to commercial equipment. When professional bodybuilders engage in heavyweight training on this machine, there might be a slight wobbling or shaking.
  • The width of the entire cage is set and cannot be adjusted, which may not be as convenient for individuals with longer arms.

Who Should Buy PMAX-4550

  • Individuals with a stable location but distant from a gym or lacking suitable options nearby, aim to save time without compromising their workouts.
  • Those who seek a serene and independent exercise space, detest gym crowds and noise and prefer to work out with family and friends.
  • For the person who desires a pulley machine and aims to combine it with other functionalities for optimal efficiency.
  • Consumers looking for a machine that offers color choices and customization options to match their preferences.
  • For those who have budget constraints and aren't particularly concerned about the thickness of the pipes.

Who Should not Buy PMAX-4550

  • Homeowners who prefer a hassle-free gym setup with door-to-door installation services.
  • Fitness professionals demand top-notch weight capacity and equipment stability.

What Comes With PMAX-4550

Smith System Attachment

Attachment#1: Dip Bar

The dip bar is your go-to solution for a range of benefits, including convenience, stability, and versatility. It not only conserves space but also offers steadfast support while accommodating various upper-body exercises. Its adjustable height feature caters to different users and their unique training requirements, making it an indispensable addition to any gym.

Attachment#2 Safety Bar

Safety bars offer vital support and versatility for weightlifting. By removing the necessity for a spotter, they instill a sense of security and assurance while training. These bars are an indispensable tool for dedicated weightlifters as they augment the overall efficiency of the power cage.

Attachment#3 Weight Storage

Efficiency in your workout is enhanced by the weight storage options available. The inclusion of four storage options simplifies the process of changing weights, leading to a more organized and productive gym environment.

Attachment#4 Foot Pedals

Within the cage, you'll find ample space and robust foot pedals that offer stability while performing exercises. The integrated pulley system allows for seated rows, which effectively target the back, shoulders, and arms. Incorporating this exercise into your routine can lead to enhancements in posture, balance, and upper body strength.

Attachment#5 J Hooks

J-hooks are designed to provide both convenience and safety for weightlifting. They play a crucial role in supporting a wide range of movements, ensuring that heavy lifts are secure and accidents are minimized. By incorporating J-hooks into your weightlifting routine, you can significantly improve your lifting experience, making your workouts safer and more effective.

Different Cable Accessories

Accessory#1 Straight Bar

The short straight bar cable attachment is a reliable choice to focus on upper body muscle groups. It's versatile and commonly used for exercises like tricep extensions, bicep curls, upright rows, and seated rows. Its compact design is particularly effective for identifying and addressing muscle imbalances between the left and right sides of the body.

Accessory#2 T-Bar

The T-Bar is often used with the landmine, and the T-Bar row is one of the most often strength exercises that targets the upper back muscles, including the lats, rhomboids, traps, rear delts, and the core. By using a wide grip, you place additional emphasis on the rhomboids and trapezius, whereas a close V grip shifts the focus more onto the lats.

Accessory#3 Lat Pull-down Bar

The extended lat pulldown bar serves as a crucial accessory for any cable machine and faithfully replicates the motion of a traditional pull-up. This attachment not only enables you to execute the same exercises as with the shorter bar but also provides the advantage of effectively isolating and working the lat muscles through a wide-grip lat pulldown technique.

Accessory#4 D-Handles

D-handles excel in unilateral exercises, allowing you to focus on one side of your body. They prove particularly valuable for individuals recovering from injuries and seeking to rehabilitate specific muscles. Additionally, bodybuilders find D-handles beneficial in preserving balance and symmetry in their physique.

PMAX-4550 VS Other Brand (Cost)

Let’s say Smith Machines are expensive and likely one of the most expensive pieces of gym equipment people will purchase. That said, there are some ways to make them more affordable. Instead of paying a few thousand dollars upfront, you can pay somewhere around $100 to $200 biweekly, RitKeep provides a way of offering financing options to help break up the payments over 4 Times installments without interest.

Best Smith Machine Overall Force USA G10 Pro $3,499 (before accessories and Aadd ones)
Best Smith Machine For Smaller Space Force USA G3 Trainer $1,999 (before accessories and Aadd ones)
Best Smith For the Money RitKeep PMAX-4550 $989 (Black Friday Sale With Price Guarantee Until 11/30)
Best Smith For Accessories Force USA G10 Pro $3,499 (before accessories and Aadd ones)


PMAX-4550 Specifications & Dimensions

  • Machine Weight – 309 pounds
  • Maximum Weight User Weight – 300 Pounds
  • Maximum Capacity Smith Machine Bar – 440 pounds
  • Maximum Weight on Back Weight Trolley – 300lbs
Material: 2"x3" 16-Gauge Steel
Pulley System Ratio: 2:1
Linear Bearing: (For Smith System)
Pull Up Bar: Maximum Weight Capacity – 400 Pounds
Safety Arms: Maximum Weight Capacity – 440 Pounds (on both sides)
Dip Handles: Maximum Weight Capacity – 350 Pounds (on both sides)
J-Hooks: Maximum Weight Capacity – 330 Pounds (on both sides)
Lat Pull Down Bar: Maximum Weight Capacity – 300 Pounds
Straight Bar: Maximum Weight Capacity – 300 Pounds
Lindmine & T-bar: Maximum Weight Capacity – 440 Pounds
Foot Board:

What Customer Say About PMAX-4550


Muscles engaged during Smith Machine Training

The Smith machine is a versatile piece of equipment that can be a powerful ally in your quest to build lean muscle and increase your strength. It allows you to perform a wide range of exercises, much like you would with a standard barbell. This versatility enables you to engage and target various muscle groups, including the quadriceps, glutes, and back muscles, as well as supporting muscles like hamstrings and spinal erectors, in addition to stabilizing muscles such as abdominals and calves.

In summary, the Smith machine effectively engages the following muscle groups:


Engaging in proper squatting techniques can effectively strengthen the muscles in your lower back, specifically in the lumbar region. During squats, your spinal erectors come into action to maintain a straight and engaged back posture throughout the movement. Additionally, exercises like Romanian deadlifts are excellent for targeting the muscles in your entire posterior chain. For specific muscle groups, Smith machine shrugs are effective for developing your trapezius muscles. Meanwhile, bent-over rows are a suitable choice for isolating your traps, lats, and rhomboids. If you're looking to target your traps, upright rows can be a beneficial addition to your routine as well.


Bench presses are excellent for strengthening various muscle groups, including the chest, front deltoids, and triceps. When it comes to achieving well-defined chest muscles, incline bench presses are also highly effective. Additionally, deadlifts can be a valuable exercise for working on your arms and overall strength.


The core muscles play a crucial role in stabilizing your movements. When you perform exercises on a Smith machine, like crunches and sit-ups, you primarily target the rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis. For oblique muscles, exercises like oblique side bends are particularly effective.


When targeting your legs during exercise, the positioning of your feet plays a crucial role in activating specific muscle groups. For instance, a narrower and deeper stance places more emphasis on your quads, particularly the front thighs. Wider foot placement shifts the focus to your glute muscles, subjecting them to a greater workload. As you squat lower, the hip adductors, located on the inside of your thighs, come into play. Additionally, the hamstrings are engaged during knee flexion and hip extension movements. You can incorporate traditional yet highly effective exercises like back squats, split squats, lunges, Bulgarian split squats, and more to target these muscle groups.

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