Fitness Sale: Top Fitness Equipment for Christmas Gift


As the festive season approaches, take advantage of the opportunity to discover ideal Christmas gifts for fitness enthusiasts. Throughout the year, we've diligently curated exceptional deals for individuals dedicated to their fitness journey. Our Christmas Fitness Sale showcases carefully selected, premium-quality fitness gear suitable for a wide range of enthusiasts, from fitness enthusiasts to committed bodybuilders.

When selecting the perfect fitness gifts, it's prudent to consider items that effortlessly align with the recipient's current routine while enhancing their overall fitness experience. Here are some Christmas gift ideas to inspire you. RitKeep offered Up To 34% Off Discount for products in Sale.

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Smith Machine With Dual Adjustable Pulley (DAP) With Weight Stacks

PMAX-5600 Smith Trainer Pro

Embark on a comprehensive strength training journey with the PMAX-5600 Multi Gym, where a multitude of exercise options await. Integrated Smith and Cable Machines open doors to endless workout possibilities. Precision is key with the Dual163 Pounds Weight Stack System, enabling you to customize your workout with secure and gradual progressions. Whether you're a novice or an experienced user, this system ensures a robust workout experience.

Assembled Dimension: 59.57 inches (length) by 73.2 inches (width) by 86.06 inches (height)

Attachments Included: J-Hooks*2, Dip Bas*2, Safety Arms*2, D Hanldes*2, Lat Pulldown Bar, Short Straight Bar, Foot Board, Landmine, T Bar, and Triceps Rope

Warranty: 2 year on structural frame, 1 year on other attachments

Price List:

  • $1950 (Single Machine) Save $549 Shop Now
  • $2219 (Machine With Bench Combo) Save $679 Shop Now
  • $2799 (Package: Include Machine, Bench and 230 Pounds Colored Weight Plate Set) Save $698 Shop Now
  • $2999 (Package: Include Machine, Bench and 340 Pounds Colored Weight Plate SetSave $749 Shop Now

Smith Machine With Plate Loaded Pulley System

PMAX-4550 Multi-functional Smith Trainer

Prepare for an unparalleled strength training experience with the PMAX-4550 Multi-Rack—a versatile combination of a Half Rack, Smith Machine, and Cable Machine all in one. Dive into a vast array of exercise possibilities, ensuring a comprehensive strength workout, all consolidated into a single machine.

Assembled Dimension: 62.2 inches (length) by 50.4 inches (width) by 83.5 inches (height)

Attachments Included: J-Hooks*2, Dip Bas*2, Safety Arms*2, D Hanldes*2, Lat Pulldown Bar, Short Straight Bar, Foot Board, Landmine, T Bar, and Triceps Rope

Warranty: 2 year on structural frame, 1 year on other attachments

Price List

  • $998 (Single Machine) Save $502 Shop Now
  • $1265 (Machine With Bench Combo) Save $634 Shop Now
  • $1799 (Package: Include Machine, Bench and 230 Pounds Colored Weight Plate Set) Save $600 Shop Now
  • $1999 (Package: Include Machine, Bench and 340 Pounds Colored Weight Plate SetSave $640 Shop Now

Free Weights Strength Equipments

7FT Olympic Barbell

Experience the versatile excellence of our RitKeep Strength Olympic Barbell, designed for a variety of lifting activities with an impressive 700 lb (317 kg) weight rating. Featuring precision knurled grips, a standard 2.87-inch grip diameter, and enhanced stability with 2 needle bearings per sleeve (4 total), this barbell provides smooth rotation during lifts, allowing you to be Effortless.

Capacity Option: 700 Pounds / 1000 Pounds / 1200 Pounds

Color Option: Silver / Red / Black

Price List:

Colored Low Bumper Weight Plate Set

Crafted from top-tier rubber, our Low Bounce Bumper Plates stand out as the go-to choice for home gyms. Unlike rubber. Aligned with IWF color codes and meeting IWF size specifications, each plate features a 450mm diameter. Our 230-pound set is thoughtfully curated with the precise plates you need to kickstart your lifting journey.

Set Option: 230 Pounds / 340 Pounds

Price List

Old School Low Bumper Weight Plate Set

RitKeep’s Old School Iron Plates feature a classic, one-sided design with a deep lip for easy maneuverability and a secure grip. These iron-weight plates are incredibly durable; they are cast and coated with a high-quality, matte finish. With an aesthetic, raised silver lettering, these plates bring a put-together look to your home gym.

Set Detail: 240 Pounds (5 LB*2, 10 LB*2, 25 LB*2, 35 LB*2, and 45 LB*2)

Price: $529 (340 Pounds) Shop Now

Adjustable Dumbbell 65LB/95LB

The RitKeep adjustable dumbbells boasting a user-friendly dial system allowing seamless weight selection from 6.5 to 65 pounds/9 to 95 pounds, these dumbbells are a prime choice. Their robust construction ensures durability for rigorous workouts, and their compact design adds versatility, making them an excellent fit even in limited spaces.

Weight Option:

  • 65 Pounds (Pair): 6.5lb / 11lb / 15.5lb / 20lb / 24.5lb / 29lb / 33.5lb / 38lb / 42lb / 46.5lb / 51lb / 55lb / 59.5lb / 62lb / 65lb
  • 95 Pounds (Pair): 9lb / 15lb / 20lb / 26lb / 37.5lb / 43.5lb / 49lb / 53.5lb / 59.5lb / 64.5lb / 71lb / 79lb / 84lb / 89lb / 95lb

Price List

RAB-3000 Adjustable Weight Bench

RitKeep Adjustable Bench is a high-quality option for lifters looking for a rock-solid, flat-incline-decline bench. Built-in leg rollers and an adjustable pin ensure you’re comfortable and secure in the decline position. When not in use, you can move and lock the leg rollers back for better clearance.

Weight Capacity: 1300 Pounds

Assembled Dimension: 49 inches (length) by 304 inches (width) by 18 inches (height)

Price: $289 Save $110  Shop Now

Home Gym Accessories

RitKeep Rubber Flooring Gym Mats With EVA Foam
Fitness Adjustable Aerobic Step Platform
Powder Coat Cast Iron Competition Kettlebells

RitKeep 6" X 4" Tri-Fold Folding Exercise Mat
RitKeep Squat Wedge For Squats, Deadlifts, Incline Training & Calf Exercises
19/30FT Training Battle Rope For Home Gym Workout

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