How To Do Grip Strength Exercise: Wroked Muscles, Forms & Benfits


What Is Hand Grippers

Grippers, also known as hand grippers, are primarily designed to assess and enhance hand strength, specifically focusing on what is termed "crushing grip." In this type of grip, the primary muscles involved are the four fingers rather than the thumb. While there are variations among brands, standard grippers typically consist of a torsion spring equipped with two handles. These grippers can differ in terms of dimensions and materials, including various types of steel for the springs and handles crafted from wood, plastic, steel, or aluminum.

Why Is Grip Strength Important

Incorporating grip exercises into your routine is essential for building overall strength. It's crucial because strong hands are a fundamental component of a strong body, and they play a significant role in enhancing your workout efficiency by allowing you to lift more weight and burn more calories.

Furthermore, these grip exercises can help prevent various pain syndromes caused by neglecting specific muscle groups and overusing others, such as chronic inflammation and tendonitis. Strengthening your grip can have a ripple effect, benefiting muscles from your wrist to your core, with a particular emphasis on your rotator cuff muscles. A simple way to experience this effect is by making a fist and squeezing it as tightly as possible, feeling your arm and core muscles engage. You can apply this technique during exercises like the bench press and deadlifts to instantly increase your lifting capacity and safeguard your shoulder health.

The Muscles You Need for Strong Grip

Forearm Extensors

These are the muscles located on the rear side of your forearm, responsible for extending your wrist backward and opening your fingers.

Forearm Flexors

These muscles located on the pinky side of your lower arm, play a crucial role in facilitating gripping and grasping motions, which are fundamental actions in nearly all sports.

Thenar Muscles

These musclses are responsible for facilitating thumb movement towards the fingers, are often overlooked in typical gym routines.

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How To Do Hand Gripper Exercises

Adjusting hand grippers is an advanced technique that may require some time to perfect, but once mastered, it significantly enhances your strength, enabling you to close higher-resistance grippers effectively.

Step 1: Hold the gripper with one leg in the crease of your hand and the other leg splitting your little finger.

How To Do Grip Strength Exercise: Wroked Muscles, Forms & Benfits

Step 2: Use your other hand to stabilize the gripper with your thumb.

How To Do Grip Strength Exercise: Wroked Muscles, Forms & Benfits

Step 3: Slightly close the gripper legs together using your index finger and wrap your fingers around it.

How To Do Grip Strength Exercise: Wroked Muscles, Forms & Benfits

Step 4: Once you've reached this position, you're ready to hold it in the 'set.'
Proceed to crush the gripper as usual.

How To Do Grip Strength Exercise: Wroked Muscles, Forms & Benfits

What Are The Benefits of Hand Grip Exercises

During your workout, maintaining a strong grip on rods, bars, and gym equipment is crucial. To enhance this grip and strengthen your wrist and hand muscles, using handgrips is a wise choice, facilitating exercises like pull-ups and other movements.

Benefit #1: Increased Muscle Strength

Grip strength assesses the power of your hands, fingers, wrists, and forearms, and consistent training with a grip strengthener can significantly enhance it. This boost in grip strength directly enhances performance in pull-focused exercises and isometric grip-related activities such as pull-ups, deadlifts, Farmer's carries, and others.

Benefit #2: Improved Muscle Endurance

In many exercises, a feeble grip can act as a significant constraint. Achieving sufficient muscle endurance entails having grip strength that can sustain performance over a specified duration, even when fatigue sets in, as this is often a challenging feat. As grip strength develops, the body's capacity to endure for extended periods improves, thereby enhancing muscular endurance

Benefit #3: Stress Reduction

Have you ever observed yourself fidgeting more during stressful moments? Utilizing a hand grip strengthener as a stress management tool is remarkably effective, requiring minimal effort, and can even enhance your motor skills.

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4 Different Types of Grip Strength Exercises

Exercise #1: Barbell Holds

The setup for this exercise is simplest when using a squat rack with the pins positioned just below the point where you'd typically complete a deadlift lockout. The objective isn't to lift the weight as in a deadlift but to maintain a grip on it, so having it a few inches above the pins is acceptable.

How To Do Grip Strength Exercise: Wroked Muscles, Forms & Benfits

How to do Barbell Holds

Grasp the bar with a double overhand grip, maintaining shoulder-width spacing, and assume an upright position resembling a deadlift lockout stance. The objective is to sustain this position for a duration, typically around 5-10 seconds, which suits most individuals, varying with experience. Starting with 3-5 sets is generally ample.

Exercise #2: Farmer’s Carry

The farmer's carry is a robust exercise that entails gripping a weight in each hand and walking a specified distance or duration. This versatile exercise can be seamlessly integrated into various workout routines or warm-up sessions, and all you need to perform it are a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells.

How To Do Grip Strength Exercise: Wroked Muscles, Forms & Benfits

How to do Farmer's Carry

Begin by squatting down to grasp a weight(dumbbell, kettlebell or weight plate) in each hand. As you stand back up, ensure your core is engaged, and your shoulder blades are pulled down and back, returning to an upright position. Then, initiate walking while maintaining an upright posture with your head up, shoulders back, and core muscles actively engaged. Proceed with your desired duration or distance for the walk.

Exercise #3: Plate Pinches

Plate pinch exercises primarily focus on strengthening the muscles within your forearm and hand that are involved in performing a pinching grip. The effectiveness of this exercise significantly depends on the design of the weight plates you use and whether or not you apply magnesium, both factors influencing the amount of weight you can manage during the workout.

How To Do Grip Strength Exercise: Wroked Muscles, Forms & Benfits

How to do Plate Pinches

Take two wide-rimmed weight plates, aligning their smooth sides outward. Begin by holding the plates together using your fingers on one side and your thumb on the opposite side Exert pressure on the plates by squeezing them firmly between your fingers and thumb, maintaining this grip for as long as possible. Subsequently, switch to the other arm and replicate the same sequence of movements.

Exercise #4: Hex Dumbbell Holds

Utilizing hex dumbbell holds is an effective method to test your open grip strength, particularly if your gym offers hex-style dumbbells.

How To Do Grip Strength Exercise: Wroked Muscles, Forms & Benfits

How to do the Dumbbell Holds

Grasp the ends of a pair of dumbbells in each hand, holding onto the actual weight, not the bar. Stand upright with your chest out and maintain a straight back. Initiate the exercise by extending your arms at your sides, keeping the dumbbells at arm's length for as long as possible; the dumbbell ends should be in a vertical position. Finally, lower the weights to the ground, take a brief rest, and then repeat as instructed.

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Hand Grip Training Routine

When you're new to doing grip exercise, devising a training routine might initially seem perplexing. While using them sporadically throughout the day is perfectly fine, establishing a structured training regimen can be highly beneficial for tracking and experiencing your progress.

 Day1 Week1
  • 10 x Repetitions x 4 Sets (60 Second rest between sets)
Day2 Week1
  • 5 x Repetitions x 5 Sets (60 Second rest between sets)
  • 10 x Repetitions x 1 Set
Day1 Week2
  • 15 x Repetitions x 2 Sets (60 Second rest between sets)
  • 5 x Repetitions x 3 Sets (3 Second hold when closed)
Day2 Week2
  • 20 x Repetitions x 2 Sets (60 Second rest between sets)
  • 5 x 1 Repetition (Set Practice)


FAQs When Using Hand Grips

FAQ #1: Can beginners use hand grips

Certainly, hand grips can be a valuable tool for beginners looking to build their strength and prepare for lifting heavier weights. These grips offer a means to train and condition your muscles when you may not be ready for heavy lifting.

FAQ #2: Can hand grips be used by professionals

The majority of hand grips come with adjustable resistance levels, making them suitable for individuals of all skill levels. By increasing the resistance, these hand grips can cater to the needs of professionals and dedicated fitness enthusiasts.

FAQ #3: Can hand grips be used for warm-ups

Certainly, hand grips can be employed for warm-up activities preceding your main exercise session. This practice aids in conditioning your arm muscles for weightlifting and reinforcing proper grip techniques during your workout. Hand grips are versatile and can be seamlessly integrated into virtually any exercise within your fitness regimen.


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