How Jumping Rope is an Unbeatable Cardio Workout?

People are so obsessed with fancy and complicated physical exercises that they have totally forgotten the most effective exercise, jumping rope. You will see that even most fitness freaks and gurus tend to ignore the benefits of jumping rope. Skipping rope is an underrated yet more effective than typical forms of cardio. In 2013, a study revealed that 10 minutes of skipping rope for six weeks are equal to 30 minutes of jogging for the same period.

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Improve Coordination

When you keep practicing, your brain starts coordinating with your feet, and you can move as fast as you can without paying any special focus. After some time, you will start feeling lighter on your feet. Practicing different types of jumping styles will help you to get better control over your body movements. During these exercise, maintaining the hydration level is important so here is everything to know about staying hydrated during summer.

Reduced Ankle and Foot Injuries

Ankle and foot injuries are common in athletes. Whether you are into basketball or football, skipping rope can strengthen your ankle joints. Sports coaches always pay special attention to skipping rope in fitness camps. Players who jump rope more often not only perform better in the field but also experience fewer foot and ankle injuries.

Burn Calories

There are many other tools that can be used to burn calories. Use cardio equipment coupon codes for complete fitness. Many people face challenges while trying to burn calories. Apart from taking medicines and pills, they also try every type of fitness exercise shown on fitness channels. Did you know that jumping rope has a burn rate of 1300+ calories per hour? This impressive burn rate is even higher than in jogging and running.

Portable and Fun Exercise

If you are not a fan of paying hundreds of dollars for a gym membership but still want to enjoy fitness, here you go. Jumping rope is one of the most inexpensive cardio forms that you can ever practice. You don’t need any instructor either, as you can easily learn different tricks and styles from YouTube. Things might be challenging at the start, but you will start enjoying them after a few sessions.

Enhance Bone Density

Simply jumping up and down is the best exercise to improve bone density. And what is jumping rope? Exactly, jumping up and down is the main scenario in skipping rope that helps your bones to be denser. Instead of simply jumping up and down, try different styles of skipping rope and make exercise more fun.

How to Jump Rope Correctly?

Skipping rope is pretty straightforward, but knowing some tips can help you to get better results. Here are some tips to remember for effective rope jumping benefits:

1. Don’t take big jumps

You don’t need to jump like a basketball player because you are only required to leave the ground for half a second. Most of the beginners make this mistake of explosive leaps because it may benefit more, but that’s not how it works. Gentle hops are enough to provide space for the passage of rope under your feet. Gentle hops will not only keep you going for a longer time, but you will also notice a sequence in your movements.

2. Let the wrists turn the rope

Mastering the art of turning might look difficult in the initial phase, but you will see clear improvements after some time. The aim is to keep the elbows and arms close to the body and just move the wrist slightly to turn the rope.

3. Focus on a spot

The first thing that you need to realize is not to focus on the foot movement. Find a spot on the wall right in front of your eyes and start jumping.  Just stay focused on the point for more natural movement of feet and let the rope movement synchronize with your body movements.

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